InstantSoothe™ Cryotherapy Glacier Globes (1 Pair)

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24/7 super relaxed and calm skin...the answer you've been looking for


  • Bolsters Glowing Skin: Applying the cold of the glacier globes to your face encourages the body to start circulating more blood to your face, which makes it lively and radiant.
  • Calms And Soothes Acne: Let the glacier globes work their magic on that pestering acne. They help minimize oil production on your skin and cure the bumps and swelling caused by acne.
  • Gives You An Oil-Free Look: Oily skin is often prone to outbreaks and can be super frustrating. Applying the glacier globes shrinks the oil-producing pores, thus reducing excessive oiliness.
  • Reduces Stress: After a hectic day, the glacier globes can be exceptionally refreshing. Everyday stress can take a huge toll on your face and skin, but the ice cold feeling boosts blood circulation to bring back the beyond beautiful, glowing, and flawless skin you naturally have. 


Bring a professional, luxurious, and effective beauty tool right into the comfort of your own routine.

Imagine getting to experience the marvelous skin-glowing benefits of a professional facial just from your own skincare routine. The InstantSoothe™ Cryotherapy Glacier Globes will take your skin to the next level and leave you with amazingly soft and milky skin. 

Our anti-allergenic glacier globes are made from a superior quality Borosilicate glass with a liquid that does not freeze to effectively cool down your skin in a soft, restorative manner. 

The ice-cold feeling is fantastic for pore reduction and brightening leaving you with an overall youthful appearance that will have you feeling liberated with effortless confidence. 

A true "no-brainer" for taking care of your skin.

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