Orthopedic Spinal Support Cushion

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Sitting for long periods of time puts pressure on your tailbone and hips. Unfortunately, many jobs and activities require excessive sitting which can lead to some unbearable painful back and buttocks pain. 

It can be frustrating having to endure those painful back aches whether you're just trying to focus on work in the office, or sit and relax at home. That's why the Orthopedic Spinal Support Cushion is the portable solution to help you alleviate your achy spine and backside. 

Aside from making sitting for prolonged periods a comfortable endeavor, it can help prevent, alleviate, and treat a variety of pain conditions from coccyx issues, lumbar strain and sciatica, to degenerative disc disorders


  • Flexes and conforms to your tailbone and shape to absorb pressure points.
  • Strong and durable, retains its shape, making it a great back pain seat and orthopedic seat.
  • Made out of medical grade gel material, it maintains its original shape and won’t lose its support even after long term use.
  • When used for long sitting periods, it will continue to provide the same support throughout.
  • The honeycomb grid allows air to circulate through the cushion so it stays cool to the touch.
  • Easy transportation between your home, office, car, airplane, wheelchair, show, etc.
  • The Orthopedic Spinal Support Cushion measures 15 inches x 16.5 inches ( 38 cm x 42 cm)