HealthFirst Automatic Laser Toy

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The HealthFirst Automatic Laser Toy is the perfect way to unleash your kitty's inner hunting instinct that keeps her healthy and happy. Whether you're trying to keep your cat busy, promote healthy exercise, or just have some fun with her, our laser pointer toy gets the job done!

Your four-legged pal's well being is always our top priority. The HealthFirst Automatic Laser Toy comes with a 15-minute auto shut-off timer to prevent your pet from getting exhausted.

The laser toy has 5 adjustable circling range/height settings. It can expand/narrow down its laser circle for different room sizes and adjust the height where the laser is being projected.

Dual motors with precise gears deliver a quiet working process so it won’t disturb you or scare your cat.

Use 4 AA batteries for a cordless operation to prevent any trip hazards for your kitties our use the included USB power cable.